Ow, she's a brick.... house.


I mean really...


It may seem odd to devote my first ever blog post to something as mundane as a subway tile. I mean the tile itself is named after a basic instrument of commercial means that affordably served as a wall covering in the most dank of transportation hubs.

SUBWAY TILE. Uninspiring in name and in my opinion pretty uninspiring in shape too. The character extends itself to a rectangle. Period. I mean yes they do come in all sorts of colors now but big ole rectangles. Now don't get me wrong, I have seen some very creative and awe inspiring applications of the Subway tile that I would be the first to applaud, but lets talk about the craze that has hit every interior designers backsplash brain.

Here is my main gripe. I grow weak to the point of needing immediate carbohydrate infusion when CRAZE or FAD elements interfere with creativity. Especially when designers exclaim about how "pretty" Subway would be every. single. time. Mix it up designers! Some houses are not subway-esque houses. Be brave and tell your knee jerk reaction to chill. They are all the rage right now but in a short while the shape and tile of choice will morph into something entirely different. Even now the trend is starting to take a more bold shapely contrast.

So, if you enjoy the look of a "brick house", GO FOR IT! Understated, clean lines and unencumbered palates rejoice! But, if you want to break away from the back lash and create your own unique back SPLASH... I say make like Motown and shake it down, shake it down now!